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Tulsi Grow is an ideal growing media for the sacred Tulsi plant. It is a unique formulation of natural ingredients that are free from animal excreta thereby provides a perfect medium for the plant to thrive in. The media provides balanced nutrition that promotes stronger, healthier growth and ensures green foliage. The product is completely of plant origin and gives the plant vigor and provides resistance against stress and pathogenic attacks.


Care Tips:
  • Season: - The best season to plant is during spring and late summers as they can’t withstand frost and cold temperatures.
  • Water: - Water moderately and avoid soggy soil.
  • Soil: - Loamy to sandy soil is good for growth.
  • Temperature: -Make sure that the temperature ranges 62 F to 67 F when sowing is being done.
  • Sunlight: - It helps in better thriving hence it should be ample.
  • Fertilizer: -Make sure to add organic base fertilizer in order to boost the production.
  • Seeding: - The seeding should be done at one inch deep and half a foot apart, press lightly and keep the soil evenly moist. Seedlings may emerge in 7 to 14 days.
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