Syngonium (Green)

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(family: Araceae) The beautiful “Goosefoot”, they call it exactly by this name as they are having the same shaped leaves. These beautiful decorative plants are a native to Eastern Mexico’s rainforest. The beautiful plant has arrow shaped leaves that keeps on changing it shape at the different growth stages. Only the juvenile foliar stages are used as indoor décor plant.


This plant is regarded as the perfect Feng-Shui plant due to its distinctive feature and is believed to bring positivity around the surrounding where it is placed. Syngonium green has greenish leaves with a tinge of light colored veins, making it look like an art by the nature. The plant has also been regarded as an air purifier by a study of NASA. It has also been proved that it decreases the level of harmful microbes from the air, and makes it a beautiful place to breathe in. This plant is a must for all those people who are looking for a natural air cleanser with good looks.

Care Tips

  • It thrives well between temperature ranges of 16 degrees to 18 degrees.
  • Providing it with a bright filtered light will surely help it to look more beautiful and blooming.
  • Water should be regular and try to keep the soil moist in growing period.
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