Song of India Small

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PL-O-Song of India Small

(BN: Pleomele reflexa) This hardy beautiful peace is native to Madagascar and other islands of Indian Ocean. They are widely used in homes and corporate offices to add an exotic look.


They have golden leaves that look gorgeous and add up to the beauty of your house. The bloom time of this particular beauty peace is between May to September. They have a sweet fragrance. The plant can attain a height of 1.5 feet if properly cared. They are regarded as one of the best air refresher as they remove harmful pollutants from air and also the efficiency of microbes present in the air. These plants are highly recommended if you are willing to give a striking look to your garden.

Care Tips

  • Water: - Moderate watering is important, make sure that the soil should not be soggy.
  • Soil: - A properly well drained soil is good.
  • Sunlight: - Full sun is good.
  • Fertilizer: - Any organic fertilizer can be helpful in thriving.
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