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Sansevieria Golden

One of the most popular plants of the Asparagaceae family is Sansevieria; well-known as Mother in law’s tongue; this plant is native to West Africa and now being planted in almost all parts of the world. The fibrous succulent leaves add up to the beauty of gardens. The plant may gift you with a cluster of greenish-white fragrant flowers if provided with proper growing conditions. Leaves grow in rosette pattern, enhancing the ornamental value of the plant.

The foliage has a golden border that gives it a very decorative look.

In ancient African society, leaves of these plants were used as rope or for making a special fiber, many records also mentions about the antiseptic qualities of the plant; However in recent times, Sansevieria has earned a lot of popularity in the decorative plant s’ segment and due to its ease in adaptability it can be easily grown in a variety of atmospheric condition.

This has been proved by a study of NASA that these are the best air purifier’s plant and has the capacity to eliminate Benzene and Formal Dehyde. Hence they are suggested from the health point of view too.Due to its wide range of adaptability, its ornamental qualities and it’s easy to care traits, make this plant a must for our gardens.


  • Air Purifying Indoor plant
  • Material: Natural Live Plant in Plastic Pot, Qty: 1 (Plant with Pot)
  • Ideal for Tabletops, hanging baskets and terrariums
  • Very easy to maintain and Suitable for gifting to Plant Lovers
  • Heart shaped leaves, evergreen lush green vine can brighten up any corner of your homes, offices, balcony and garden.


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