Protect Plus-25kg

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Protect Plus is a unique product designed to provide protection to the plants from soil-based pathogens, nematodes and fungus. It is a tailor-made product, which contains Neem and bio-pesticides for natural crop protection. It protects crops for prolonged periods due to slow release and systemic activity. This product acts as a natural soil conditioner and contains organic nutrients for the plants.


Benefits • Releases nutrients slowly to optimize growth • Provides immunity from pests and diseases • Increases nutrient uptake • Improves flowering • 100% vegetarian product made from plants How To Use: • Fill the pot with Tulsi Grow. • Plant the Tulsi seed at a depth which is twice diameter of the pot. • Transplant existing Tulsi plant to ensure root ball coverage and ensuring that its stem is not immersed in the mix. Precautions: • Store in a cool and dry place • Keep away from direct sunlight and below 35 ° C. • Keep out of the reach of children.
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