Oxycardium Plant (Golden)

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(Synonym: Philodendron cordatum; Family: Araceae) Talking about beautiful climbers, one can’t miss mentioning about these sweet heart plants. Yes, these are rightly called by this name only. They are native to Central Americas and Caribbean, mostly found in the tropic humid forests or even in swamps.


They have green leaves with a golden tinge, which gives the plant a very beautiful look adding up to the décor of your living space. They can achieve a height of 3 to 6 meter if treated carefully. However, this plant is a one of the best tolerant plants as it can withstand in variable conditions. This plant is highly recommended for living spaces, especially for offices as it makes the area look elegant. It has been proven by the study of NASA that it is one of the best plants once it comes to eliminating the bad factors of air. Hence it can be referred as an air-purifier.

Care Tips

  • Water: - Water sparingly in rest period and moderately in active growth period.
  • Soil: - Sandy soil that drains quickly are good to thrive it well.
  • Sunlight: - Filtered light should be provided to the plants in order to allow them to thrive well.
  • Temperature: - Temperature between 13 degrees to 24 degrees is the best for them to thrive.
  • Humidity: - Low humidity helps the plant to grow.
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