What is Landscaping?

In the largely grey-brown, tarmac, glass and concrete world of the contemporary city, green is currently the favourite urban colour. The concept of green landscaping came into use during the 19th century when a majority of the people started cutting their gardens in very fashionable styles. The English first imposed this trend which is why people often speak of ‘English Gardens’ when in fact referring to landscaping. Many home owners will hire professional landscape gardeners for fanciful decorations while do-it-yourself options will always be cheaper. The main objective of gardening landscape should not be that of showing off but rather of creating an atmosphere that you love. Personal satisfaction and comfort definitely come first here! Local landscapers will be able to help you with advice for all aspects of Landscape design should you choose to work with them.

The advantages of having a green urban landscape

Increases real estate’s value by 8-15%

Air Purification

Plants sustain essential pollinators

Plants reduce noise pollution

My Urban greens Advantage

My Urban Greens helps by serving the urban population garden needs by providing them customised solution as per the customer’s requirements. Its main USP is experience and it draws from its experience to provide this service and delivers impeccable and unique services to its clients.

My Urban Greens comes from a farming and Green service provider background and will take care of all your urban green landscaping needs. We can guide customers who are interested in growing flowers or vegetables in their home yard or kitchen garden. One can also purchase different plants through the portal/mobile app and can also post their problem which would be attended by our experts.

How it works

On call consultation

Site visit

Customized solutions

Enjoy your green landscape


We have a strong commitment to the environment, and a totally organic approach to plant maintenance.

Here, we do not use any chemical pesticides in our plant management programmes and find that through good hygiene practices and early intervention we do not need to resort to the use of chemicals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is urban farming and how do i get started?

Urban farming is growing vegetables , fruits and other edibles on your rooftops, balconies or other areas of land around you. This type of farming needs expertise in horticulture and innovative thinking therefore, opting for a personal consultation and exploring the options for your space with us is the way to get started.

What are the spaces that you include as Urban Farming spaces?

Residential, Farm houses, Villa, Commercial, Hotels, Parks, Gardens, Front yards, Backyards, Rooftops, Balconies. There is no size limitation with us.

What are the other types of farming options that you offer?

We develop fruit, herbs and vegetable orchards.

What is the variety and quality of plants and other materials used?

We use high quality plants and the other materials used are of high standards to maintain and sustain for the longest time.

Do you also provide maintenance services for existing urban gardens and farms?

Yes we do.

What is the warranty of your urban gardening projects?

We do have warranty on the products that we use excluding all plants. We ensure and recommend a quality check of the plants during planting them. We create designs keeping the maintainability of it in mind by giving smart solutions like , drip irrigation, easy maintenance consultation post installation, so that you enjoy fresh and self sufficient produce for years to come.

What all includes your maintenance services and what do your charge for it ?

Cleaning, changing of damaged plants, planting seasonals, watering, prunings, manuring, composting etc. Our maintenance services are weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually, you an opt of any as required.

What if I have seepage issue on the rooftop?

During our site analysis we check for existing cracks and hole formations in case waterproofing is required then we provide you with that solution. To further ensure no seepage we generally offer container gardening which is easy to manage and does not require extensive waterproofing.

Do you charge for consultation and visits?

Yes, but it is refundable after the confirmation of the project.

What are the payment gateways?

Net Banking, Cheque, Cash, Direct deposit in the bank account

Do you create 3D designs and do you charge for it?

Yes we create 3d designs and charge for it which is refundable after the confirmation on the design.

Will you charge for multiple design changes?

We do not charge upto three designs after that you would be charged per design.

Can I request changes in delivery timelines?

Yes, but that will imply 7% additional charges of the total project value.