What is Green Wall?

City-dwellers often mention lack of space as the main hindrance for incorporating greenery in their lives. But what if you could grow a garden on the very walls that hold your building upright? Vertical green walls turn this very idea into reality. These are walls that are either fully or partially covered with greenery thriving on an incorporated medium such as water, soil or a substrate. Similar structures once graced the walls of the kingdoms of Mesopotamia, Babylon. These plants must be grown in a controlled pattern with the provision of regular maintenance.

The advantages of having a green wall

Acts as a sound proofing barrier

Urban heat island effect and smog are reduced

Interior air space is purified

A cooling effect is produced

How would choosing My Urban Greens benefit you?

Our team of highly experienced farmers, horticulturists and designers create the vertical green wall you desire. Here, you’ll receive a complete service plan with steps ranging from designing and consultation to selecting a pattern for your vertical green wall. Each step is altered to meet our customers’ requirements. Care is taken so as to not damage the wall while installing a frame that supports the said garden.

An efficient automated drip irrigation system and high-quality organic potting mix ensures that the combination of plants mounted receive the moisture and nourishment that they require to turn your walls into masterpieces. Plants’ patterns are created carefully for different settings like residential areas, hotels and commercial areas.

How it works

On call consultation

Site visit

Customized solutions

Enjoy your green wall

What maintenance services can you get here?

IFFCO Kisan Urban Greens offers maintenance services for all kinds of green spaces in commercial as well as residential areas. Modern irrigation systems, seasonal cleanups and replacement of damaged plants regularly help maintain your green walls’ aesthetical factor. Moreover, the use of high- quality material makes these installations durable and energy-efficient. A staff of well-trained gardeners and farmers deliver excellent quality of service in a reliable and consistent manner. Lastly, our cost reduction slabs ensure that you get the green space you desire without burning holes in your pocket.

If you believed that urban living spaces robbed you of the opportunity to have a garden in your vicinity, this system helps you create flourishing greenery within the same space constraints.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a green wall and how do i get started?

Vertical wall is a method of growing plants vertically on the faces of the walls. Being perfect for urban spaces creating this type of green space needs expertise in horticulture and innovative thinking therefore, opting for a personal consultation and exploring the options for your space with us is the way to get started.

What are the spaces you suggest for installing a green wall?

Interior or exterior of a building, semi shade, receptions areas, office spaces. Green wall is an versatile option with very less limitations and numerous customizable options.

How do the plants survive and in case a plant dies then?

The structure includes an automated drip irrigation system which provides moisture effectively for the growth do the plants. In case a plant dies then our pots for the frame of the green wall are easily removable and replaceable.

What is the variety and quality of plants and other materials used?

We use high quality plants and the other materials used are of high standards to maintain and sustain for the longest time.

What is the warranty of your green wall ?

We do have warranty on the products that we use excluding all plants. We ensure and recommend a quality check of the plants during planting them. We create designs keeping the maintainability of it in mind by giving smart solutions like , drip irrigation, easy maintenance consultation post installation, so that you enjoy fresh and self sufficient produce for years to come.

What all includes your maintenance services and what do your charge for it ?

Cleaning, changing of damaged plants, planting seasonals, watering, prunings, manuring, composting etc. Our maintenance services are weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually, you an opt of any as required.

Do you charge for consultation and visits?


What are the payment gateways?

Net Banking, Cheque, Cash,Direct deposit in the bank account.

Do you create 3D designs and do you charge for it?

Yes we create 3d designs and charge for it which is refundable after the confirmation on the design.

Will you charge for multiple design changes?

We do not charge upto three designs after that you would be charged per design.

Can I request changes in delivery timelines?

Yes, but that will imply 7% additional charges of the total project value.