Green Diet

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‘Green Diet’ is a balanced all in all nourishment. This gentle mist of nourishment has all sort of nutrients assorted in it. Usage of Green Diet refreshes the plant and gives it a puff of sustenance.


How To Use:

  • Bucket/Container required with lid, tap and sieve to be able to drain the liquid generated during the process.
  • Add food waste into a container/bucket after placing sieve inside and cover with lid; press it down to ensure maximum space utilization.
  • Sprinkle bokashi on the waste ensuring complete coverage. • Slightly press down the first layer and add new food scrap layer sprinkled with Bokashi bran, repeat this process whenever making a new layer of food scraps.
  • Repeat above process till bin is full and then keep aside for 25 – 28 days.
  • After every 3 to 4 days, drain the liquid that has accumulated at the bottom of the bucket, liquid can be used as fertilizer.
  • The liquid should be diluted with water 1:100 ratio that is 1 Litre of Bokashi liquid should be mixed with 100 Litres of Water and used as foliar spray on plants. Bokashi Fertilizer
  • To make Bokashi soil fertilizer, remove the compressed fermented material after 4 weeks from the bucket. Dig a hole or trench about 10 – 12 inches 25 to 30 cm deep. It should not touch the plant roots as the pH level of Bokashi compost being acidic.
  • Pour the fermented material from the bucket into the hole or trench and mix with the soil/soil and coco peat. Cover with 8 – 10 inches 15 – 20cm soil.
  • Plant into the Bokashi enriched soil 2 – 4 weeks after it has been buried. Fermented Bokashi material mixed with soil/coco peat is a great fertilizer for plants.
  • Note:
  • Close the Bokashi packet after every use.
  • Avoid adding liquids like (milk, juices, water), plastic and paper wraps, meat bones.
  • Formation of white mold/fungus on the top layer of food scraps after adding the Bokashi bran indicates a positive reaction.


  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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