Dracena (polka dots)

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PL-I-Dracena-polka dots

(Syn: Dracaena; Family: Asparagaceae) This awesome beauty peace of the ornamental plant segment belongs to the family Asparagaceae. They are native to Africa; a few are from Southern Asia and Australia. They have beautiful leaves which add up to the beauty of Living spaces.


The height can grow from 7 inches to 6 feet if properly cared. The random dots on the foliage of these plants give it a classy look that is quite adorable and adds up to the styling of your home décor. This plant is among the best air purifiers according to the NASA’s study, they eliminate Toulene, Benzene and Xylene from air. This is a must plant for all of us.

Care Tips

  • Water: - Do not over water this plant.
  • Soil: Loose and well drained soil is preferable.
  • Sunlight: - The plant should get morning and evening sun light 2-3 hours on a daily basis.
  • Fertilizer: - Fertilize lightly twice or thrice a year, use slow release fertilizers.
  • Humidity: - Do not cover the base with a lot of small pebbles as it can create Humidity which might kill the plant.
  • Pruning: - Prune Yellow and decaying leaves in order to avoid any further damage.
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