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PL-I-Aloe Vera

This large family of succulent has around 400 hundred varieties and the most popular is Aloe Vera. It is native to the eastern part of Africa and is known to have numerous medicinal values. The plant has the ability to adopt a wide range of climatic conditions.


The plant looks really good at a height of 40 inches. The thick fleshy leaves contain a clear mucilaginous gel, used to cure a variety of diseases. The oral or internal use of this tasteless and odorless gel has well-known benefits, starting from its use in the skin care and cosmetic industry to healing sunburns, itchy skin allergies and burn wounds. Internal usage helps the healing process of diabetes, hypertension, constipation, and a few gastrointestinal ailments. Aloe Vera has very many distinctive and beautiful looking varieties and with these well-proven benefits, this plant makes an excellent choice for a gift or as an ornamental and healthy indoor plant and an easy to maintain outdoor plant.

Care Tips

  • Water: - Watering as such is not required on a regular basis; however watering thrice in a week will be helpful.
  • Soil: - A well drained sandy soil helps the plant to grow well.
  • Temperature: - 16 C to 25 C is perfectly suited for the plant.
  • Fertilizer: - Any organic base fertilizer is beneficial as the use of chemicals is not recommended.
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