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Scientific name: Adeniumobesum Commonly used for 'bonsai'. Adenium is grown as a house plant. It is appreciated for their colorful flowers and for their unusual, thick caudices. It can be easily grown in a pot. Genetically identical plants can be propagated by cutting and also can be grown by seeds. It is a fast growing and easy to grow plant. It is a low maintenance plant. Small Adenium plants can be kept indoors to give a naturally beautiful look to your home. They can also be used to decorate the outdoors. Adeniumplants with gorgeous flowers are extremely beautiful. Even the leaves are beautiful as they are spirally arranged, clustered toward the tip of the shoot. It comes up with multicolor flowers on the same pot.


Benefits: • Aesthetically beautiful • it has several medicinal benefits such as healing wound and skin . Growing conditions /

Care Tips

  • Temperature: They can tolerate dry condition, so they are well suited for home environment.
  • Light: direct sunlight is preferable, especially when they are in their active growth.
  • Water: They do not need much water, they have an ability to survive without water. Note: Do not over water the plants.
  • Fertilizers: Balanced fertilizers twice a year. No need of too much fertilizers.
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