About Us

In this era of the neck-breaking, fast paced life that we are bound to lead today, a balanced and healthy lifestyle that often remains forgotten, and our surroundings reflect the same. IFFCO Kisan Urban Greens offers a remarkable shift of thought is working its way in as more and more people adopt green solutions in their residential, office and commercial spaces. Take a step towards this switch with IFFCO KISAN URBAN GREENS SOLUTIONS for unparalleled opportunities to transform your place. You can choose from option like vertical gardening, rooftop gardening, kitchen farming, plant gifting and annual maintenance.

We take pride in our highly skilled workforce’s expertise in horticulture and allied artistic design industry. We have a highly competent workforce dedicated to help you with the type of support structures, plant as well as budgeting. IFFCO KISAN URBN GREENS endeavors to enhance the gardening experience of its customers, and we strive tirelessly until that goal is not only achieved but also maintained.